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Tidal Connect Matt 196 comments 4 votes None
HiFiBerry OS Pi 4 Bluetooth not Discoverable (Solved-Sorta) Josh Blackburn 7 comments 4 votes None
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Line in / Phono rubin 3 comments 4 votes None
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HiFiBerryOS random play Joe Moyle 6 comments 3 votes None
Digi+ New Revision Scott Kramer 0 comments 3 votes None
Suggestion: use to add webradio stations Rai 2 comments 2 votes None
Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W Jørgen Abrahamsen 23 comments 2 votes None
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Bluetooth no longer working after last software update (DAC+ DSP with Raspberry Pi 4). O'Neil Dumont 4 comments 2 votes None
DAC+ DSP and AAMP60 Albrecht Noetzel 1 comment 2 votes None
HOWTO : Send mono to both speaker contremaitre 3 comments 2 votes None
24/192KHZ IS SILENT AFTER LOWER SAMPLE RATE TRACKS IN PLAY QUEUE peter.deschamps 17 comments 2 votes None
DAC+ ADC Input Gain Jumpers - How to read? Shane 13 comments 2 votes None
[DAC+ ADC Pro] Issues with sound capture on Raspbian Julien Tregoat 20 comments 2 votes None
Update beocreate-installer script for spotifyd Sveinn Davidsson 10 comments 2 votes None
Board dimensions Ignacio Zozaya 8 comments 2 votes None
3.3v power to Digi+ Pro Dom Verity 38 comments 2 votes None
Hifiberry amp+ with subwoofer out Martin Schneider 4 comments 2 votes None
Digi+ with AES-EBU, I2S, SPDIF-Optical, SPDIF-Coaxial, SPDIF-BNC: allowing the Pi-Digi+ to connect with any external DAC Foxint 0 comments 2 votes None
DAC+ Pro clocks multi 37 comments 2 votes None
Dac+ Pro New Revision Scott Kramer 7 comments 2 votes None
Removed Toslink, added BNC Scott Kramer 4 comments 2 votes None
Getting ready to give up on this Beocreate project Martin Jones 1 comment 1 vote None
Audio Lag Issue with Beocreate on OpenAuto Pro Setup - Seeking Solutions Datulipan 0 comments 1 vote None
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Sharing attached USB drive over network Warner Veltman 11 comments 1 vote None
Does the audio out on DAC+ADC Pro get amplified to speaker level? David Johnson 2 comments 1 vote None