Toslink input: DAC+DSP vs. DAC2 HD with DSP add-on board, what am I missing?

Hello, I am looking for a solution to passthrough the sound of my tv with a Toslink cable through the RPi4 to my analog amp+passive speakers. I now own a Dac+ Pro on top of the RPi4, which does not have a Toslink input. So I would have to buy a new Hifiberry board, which is fine.

Apparently, my only option from Hifiberry is the Dac+DSP because this has a Toslink input. However, the Dac2 HD offers better quality and would be the logical upgrade to my Dac+ Pro, but the compatible DSP add-on board does not offer a Toslink-input. It only has an extension header with two S/PDIF pins which is not the solution to my use case.

What am I missing? Why am I forced to buy the lesser quality setup when wanting a Toslink input and why did Hifiberry make this choice? Would a Dac2 HD+DSP (integrated), including  Toslink input, be some kind of overkill?


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