Failing to activate a player through Audiocontrol2 API

I'm using the API to control my Hifiberry. I manage to pause a sound, or get the status, here is the output of the status get:

{"players": [{"name": "mpd", "state": "stopped", "artist": "Soundbox", "title": "kamoulox-bien-joue-gilles", "supported_commands": ["Next", "Previous", "Pause", "PlayPause", "Stop", "Play", "Seek", "Random", "RandomOff", "RepeatAll", "RepeatOff"]}, {"name": "spotify", "state": "paused", "artist": "Maler", "title": "Demone del tardi", "supported_commands": ["Next", "Previous", "Pause", "PlayPause", "Play"]}, {"name": "dlna", "state": "unknown", "artist": null, "title": null, "supported_commands": ["stop", "play"]}, {"name": "ShairportSync", "state": "stopped", "artist": null, "title": null, "supported_commands": ["stop", "pause", "next", "previous", "play"]}], "last_updated": "2023-03-07 20:46:34.361944"}

Now when I am using MPD and want to activate spotify, I post this URL:

but nothing happens. Any suggestion here?


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