[DAC+ DSP] Profile v13 doesn't recognize TOSLINK input

Thanks to the new v13 profile, the DAC+ DSP's self-boot finally runs appropriately.

But, there seems to be another issue the TOSLINK input is not detected with the v13 profile mentioned in the blog article.
With the v12-1 included in the hifiberry-dsp repo, I can use TOSLINK input, including the LG Sound Sync feature, but with the v13, it reports "no signal" in the exact same connections. Sound Sync doesn't work, of course.
It's happening in the latest HifiberryOS, but I confirmed that there's the same issue in the RasberryPi OS+hifiberry DSP toolkit.

I suppose it's not a hardware issue but an issue around DSP registers, but I don't know how to fix it. I don't even know whether it's an issue or the design. Maybe there's no issue with the DSP add-on.

Didn't all of you get the same issue with the v13 profile?


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