Looking for Multiroom solution (DAB/SMB/network streaming/airplay)


I'm new to multiroom audio and Rasberry Pi audio.

I want to create test setup to see how it works.

The setup I have in my head is:

Audio source: 

- DAB+ (not sure if this is possible)

- SMB File server (flac/mp3 audio files)

- Spotify/Deezer/..

- Apple airplay 

Audio speaker setup:

2 x Ceiling speaker (high/mid range frequency)

1 x ceiling subwoofer (low range frequency)

To my understanding in every room where I want to have audio you need to have one HifiBerry/rasp Pi and if you want to have audio in all rooms you can combine? 

Correct me if I'm wrong.

For the test setup what hardware would you advice? 



Kind regards




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