Data detect with DAC+ ADC PRO from hydrophone


My name is Asim. I am a university student in Turkey. I have a team and we are working on underwater listening project with AUV. Our aim is to find a pinger that emits 45khz sound underwater with an Auv completely autonomously. 
We made the following plan to find Pinger:
We will first get the sound data with the help of two hydrophones. The highest frequency value in the pool is 45khz and there is no other confusing frequency close to this value. Thats why; instead of we find the specific 45 khz, when the hydrophone detects a signal higher than 20 kHz, we will take this signal as a reference. Next we will compare the amplitude of this signal received from both hydrophones.
So we will find out in which direction of the vehicle the sound source is.
We need to convert analog amplitute and frequency data from hydrophones into digital data. And we will use the data we obtained in the algorithm I mentioned.
Can I use DAC+ ADC PRO for this?
When I convert data with this card, is there a software that can process this data?
By the way we will use jetson xavier.
We use this hydrophone for listening underwater.
Thanks a lot

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