LG Sound Sync - What to buy?

I am looking to get LG Sound Sync to work with my current speaker setup.


-- Status Quo --

My current Setup is as follows:

(PC --HDMI->) LG TV [1] --Toslink-> Cheap Toslink DAC [2] --3.5mm to cinch-> AMP [3] --copper cable-> Speakers [4]

The problem is that I can only control the volume in the following ways:

- On the PC in Windows itself - only if I am using it, not applicable for smart TV content nor Console

- As the AMP supports Bluetooth, I can cut out the DAC and control it that way, but that has a delay

- On the AMP, but I have to get up for that, which is what I want to optimize

When searching for LG Sound Sync I stubmled upon the hifiberry DSP repo [5] where the protocol was reverse engineered. Other than that I did not find any statements about the support of LG Sound Sync. ([7] has problems with it)

I still hope that I could replace my DAC with a DAC based on hifiberry. However, since I am not into Audio equipment that much I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of different products and which to choose. (I already have a Pi 1 and 4 available.)


-- My Thoughts + Questions --

If I understand it correctly, I need DAC+DSP to modify the signal such that it is not as loud and then be analog. However, I feel like a DAC should also suffice, as it can read the toslink data and then change the analog output accordingly without having to modify the digital signal itself. (Why) Do I need a DSP?

Based on [6] the only two boards supporting digital input are "Digi+ I/O" and "DAC+ DSP", recommending the latter. Redaing its spec sheet, the input is "only" upt o 96 kHz while the output is at 192 kHz. Should I worry about some signal degredation there? My current cheap DAC supports 192 kHz, so in terms of quality this sounds like a downgrade. Also: should I worry about compatibility?

I also stubmled upon the Beocreate 4 channel AMP. This seems to support 192 kHz sampling. This would also replace my current AMP. What are the other upsides/downsides compared to the DAC+ DSP?


-- Overall Questions --

With which HiFi Berry devices does LG Sound Sync work? If it doesen't work out of the box, can I still use the HW to analyze the signal and mess with the software to understand the encoded volume?

What setup would you recommend?

Thanks in advance :)


-- Links --

[1] 43UN71006LB https://www.lg.com/de/tv/lg-43un71006lb

[2] https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B07C76K79J/

[3] douk m1 pro, cf https://www.ebay.de/itm/266098426452

[4] https://www.bose.de/de_de/support/products/bose_home_theater_support/bose_2_speaker_home_theater_support/am5_series3.html

[5] https://github.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/blob/master/doc/reverse-engineering-lg.md

[6] https://www.hifiberry.com/docs/hardware/comparison-of-hifiberry-cards-for-audio-recording/

[7] https://support.hifiberry.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/6072414429969


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