Product Request: HifiBerry as TV receiver for studio monitors

The Problem

I would love it if HifiBerry made a product which enabled me to use my studio monitors on my TV.

Most TVs output audio through TOSLINK or HDMI ARC, while most studio monitors only use XLR or TRS as inputs.

Another problem is that the volume of the audio output through TOSLINK is not controllable by the TV, which means if you use a DAC with TOSLINK you will need to figure out a way to control the volume remotely.

However, audio through HDMI ARC can be controlled through CEC.

Proposed Solution

I want a product that takes HDMI ARC as an input and outputs to whatever analog connector I choose (XLR, TRS, RCA) while also listening to CEC commands for adjusting volume.

Admittedly, this is definitely something that is difficult to put together. I have not been able to find good resources for capturing HDMI ARC or CEC with a Raspberry Pi. The only thing I've been able to find is that PiKVM is able to capture HDMI audio. However, I am unsure if they are doing that through ARC or just regular HDMI.


I've found two other posts here suggestion something similar (here and here) so there definitely seems to be some level of interest in a product like this.

I just figured I'd write a more detailed outline of what I think would be a good product for this problem.

Thanks for reading!


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