Couldn't Detect DSP Add-on Board

Hi Team,

I would need assistance on diagnosing my DSP Add-on Board on Amp100. DSP board can no longer being detected after I moved the board assembly a while.

However, I once had the DSP board detected again after several power cycles, and re-programmed it with v9, v11 and v13:

v9: cannot detect optical input
v11/v13: can detect optical input, but no audio output to load speakers

I then probe the J5, +5V was powered fine. Here's the picture:

I don't think this is a software issue (it was working before and I didn't touch the firmware before it was broken). However I would like to check in if there's a way to isolate the problem (to narrow down if it is on the Amp100 or DSP)?

Also I can see the LED on Amp100 is strobing when I'm touching the aluminum enclosure... Is this whole setup supposed to be insulated (with nylon screws) or grounded to the enclosure (aluminum enclosure + brass/steel screws)?

BTW the DSP add-on board is out of stock in store. Is there any plan to make another batch?


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