Spotify Connect Bug: Dash vs Space in Name

Small but somewhat annoying bug in Spotify connect...

It works perfectly, but the name of the room/speaker listed in Spotify creates a dash instead of a space when there's a space in a room/speaker name in the HiFiBerry software.

For example:

You can see I have my speakers named "Main Shower" here:

But then when I go into my Spotify app (here is a screenshot from my Android app but it's the same in my Windows desktop software), you can see it does not say "Main Shower" but "Main-Shower":

You can see it with some of the other HiFiBerry powered speakers here, too (the first 4 entries).

I thought maybe this was something on the Spotify side, or a limitation of Spotify Connect, but you can see the Chromecast-powered ones below have spaces.

Is this something that can be updated/fixed?

Super minor, I know, but it would be a welcome change.


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