HiFiBerry Very Distorted

I have been using a HiFiBerry for the past 5 or 6 years with a Raspberry Pi. I am an Electrical Enfineer with extensive experience in the digital, audio, and video worlds. I am 83 years old and my hearing is going bad so it might be me, But when I play the same sounds (wav files) on my PC They are quite clear. I have forgotten most of my Linux Usage but would like some assistence.  I can telnet into the RPi from a windows pc with no problem, and my application is running correctly. It is just that the sound is very distorted. This did NOT start after some change. I suspect either the mixer (ALSA) has for some reason had its volume set to high, or the HiFiBerry has deteriorated (Gone bad).  I could use some assistance on how to troubleshoot this.  I can send a snapshot of the telnet sessions if you can tell me what I should try.  

TIA Barry Gordon


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