New Install Display Problem

Hardware is Raspberry PI 4 and DAC + ADC PRO hat.

Downloaded and installed hifiberryos-20221128-pi4.img. The system booted ok, however the Screen Display Resolution appears to be out. I had to page down on the main window to see the options. After some investigation I selected a menu in the main settings that seemed to be the Screen or Display settings. At  this point HFBerry crashed and reboots to a console log in.

I am using the hdmi cable that came with the  Pi connected a TV.  Can I edit display settings on the SD Card? Alternatively - should I connect the Pi to a computer monitor and attempt set up from there. Following this can I connect to the TV?

It seems I am close to getting installation done. After all I have set up the network and some nas music sources. But the system is not working at the moment.


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