3 channel AM and DSP and toslink, 5-12V trigger


I wish for an Amp 120W, 50W and 30W with dsp and toslink in and out for daisy chaining. Programming through a raspberry, but after that, it should run standalone.

Also a trigger signal to unmute the amps would be nice. As far as I know, some B&O stuff produces/requires 5V and other brands (NAD) use 12V.

I have the trigger done using an arduino that switches the mute on beocrates plus turns off the power source for the beocreate (Energysaving). Only the arduino is running on standby, sucking about 5mA @ 5.1V or 0.025W. So I got proof, it is feasible. When the trigger comes up, the beocreates are powered on and about 5 secs later the mute is opened again. So I got proof, it is feasible. 




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