Digi+ Pro and Digi2 Pro cold boot problem

I have Digi+ Pro and Digi2 Pro (rev 2.1) boards which I have been using with my Pi 3 board and Moode Audio with no problems. However, they have never worked satisfactorily with my Pi 4 (rev 1.2) boards. Specifically, they are not recognised when booting for the first time each day. If I reboot or shutdown and reboot a few minutes later they work fine. I have seen this problem documented by others on the Moode and Hifiberry forums but I cannot find the solution. The problem persists with all power supplies, including the official Pi power supplies, and the problem persists after reseating the boards or swapping Pi 4 boards for other boards. Please can you tell me if there is a solution to this problem yet, because it is very annoying and time consuming to reboot twice every time I want to start my hifi!


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