Noise / delay at beginning of tracks using AirPlay

I have a Pi 3 running with the latest OS via a Digi+ card, wireless. 

I'm streaming to it via AirPlay from the Apple Music app, with Lossless / High Quality Lossless streams selected.

I've noticed that, frequently, at the beginning of the track, there seems to be some sort of buffering failure wherein the track gets garbled a bit. It recovers after a second or two. 

It _seems_ like it might be when the bitrate / depth of the track changes between tracks during streaming, but I'm not 100% sure. 

Is there a way to keep track of the bit depth / rate that the DAC is running at via the UI or just via SSH (I haven't looked too closely but noticed there's some stuff in `/proc/asound` that might be useful?)

Is there some buffering configuration I should be using instead of this straight up naive plug-and-play I have now?


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