I live in a cave...

I know software developers have a need to develop software but… I live in a cave. I’m in the US and live on the road in my RV/travel trailer/caravan. I rarely have a reliable internet connection. So I burned my CD collection (I’m 66 and retired, I had a CD collection!) to a USB HD and chose an RPi based system because it operated on 5VDC. (12V through a step-down power supply to 5VDC) 12V from my house battery solar charged. It’s a sweet system.

I chose the HiFi Berry OS because it was compatible with my DAC2 and very easy to install and above all didn’t require an internet connection to setup. On occasion I’ll come across a new OS that sounds promising. I spent the better part of yesterday trying to get a couple new pieces of software to operate… in the end I came back to HiFiBerry OS. On a whim I checked to see if there was a “new and improved” version for my RPi4. Sure enough there was and sure enough it was broken! After reloading an older copy life is good again.

I realize I am such a small percentage of your target audience (non-streamer) that you probably haven’t  bothered reading this far. But it would be nice in future “developments” to have a switch in set-up asking if you have internet and plan on streaming. Switched Off and you have a dumbed down version OS (music server).

That said it would be cool to have an input/source for a USB CD drive to play/burn to storage.

Thank you for your time and effort.

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