Amp100 8ohm@20V improvement over AMP2?

Hey everyone,

I have installed a couple of AMP2s in a rack for multiroom-audio on the same 20V power supply. No issues with that.

My outdoor speakers are 8 Ohm and work just fine in that setup, but according to the spec sheet they could take much more which would be nice outdoors on some occasions. I was wondering whether replacing the outdoor-AMP2 with an AMP100 would actually improve that.

The AMP100 Spec sheet shows some examples for 4 Ohm Speakers, including a 20V example - but everything I tried to read about the topic is somehow contradicting and I lack the electrical knowledge to judge those statements. To make it short:

Will the "AMP100 @ 20V @ 8Ohm" Speaker-Amp Combo deliver a "louder" sound than the "AMP2 @20V @ 8Ohm" Combo?

Thank you all!



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