Passthrough DSP/EQ with Analogue INPUT - Possible with 2+ Pi's/Berry Cards?


I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to apply DSP/EQ from an analogue input source through to my speakers.

I'm specifically after the 'Listening Modes' EQ (circular GUI) offered by HiFiBerryOS when a DSP card is attached.

My setup looks like:

Turntable/pre-amp (analogue out) --> [???] --> Speakers

I know the '2x2 Add-on for DAC+ DSP' is no longer available, and I have signed up for the mailing list in case any new/beta products become available like it again.

What I'm wondering though, in the meantime -- could this be achieved somehow using multiple Pi's & HiFiBerry cards?

One example I thought of was:

Source (analogue out) --> Pi1 [DAC+ ADC] --> Pi2 [DAC+ DSP] --> Speakers

However I don't believe this would work, since HiFiBerry does not support USB as a sound interface(?) and thus there would be no way to get the digital audio from Pi1 to Pi2.

Does anyone know if there might be a way this can be achieved?

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