Mute audio signal when not playing

Hi there,

I am using a RP3modelB with a Digi+ Pro, using coax output into a Beolab5's coax input. I have a phono preamp connected to the aux port of the Beolabs.

I was using volumio before with Roon bridge. When I paused the roon streaming from the Digi+ pro and started playing a vinyl, the beolabs would detect no digital signal from roon, detect the signal from the phono preamp and automatically switch the source and start playing. 

I switched to hifiberry OS (volumio was not stable) and was super happy. However, when I pause roon running on the hifiberry OS, there is somehow a signal that remains coming from hifiberry. As such, when I start a vinyl, the beolabs would not switch source automatically as they still receive a signal from the hifiberry. I tried disabling roon, lowering the volume, but it didnt work. Only when I disconnected the coaxial cable. 

Would you know the reason for this issue and is there a way to mute the signal after pausing the audio on the hifiberry OS?

Thank you!



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