Volume control HifiberryOS and in squeezelite etc


I am running since years an Amp+ with picoreplayer without problems. I installed now Hifiberry OS to try out the Tidal Connect Docker provided by other sources (which works great!).

My problem now: The volume controls in HifiberryOS and the applications seem to block each other. Ideally I would keep the level in HifiberryOS constant, e.g. at 100%, and control the volume by the app (a LMS mobile phone app for squeezelite, Tidal control for Tidal Connect). But now, whenever I start the system, HifiberryOS has a level of 50%, which is too low. It works once I raise it. When I touch one of the other volume controls (Tidal app, LMS app), the volume control in HifiberryOS jumps back to 50% and basically mutes the system.

What would be the best way to handle this? I do not want to open HifiberryOS additionally to the control apps. If there is no way, I guess I have to switch back to picoreplayer, even though the Tidal Connect function is great.

Similar, I have a DAC+DSP running, but the volume control can be done here through my active speakers, so I would basically leave the volume in HifiberryOS untouched. Fixing it to 100% would be nice though. Here I don't need the Tidal Connect function since I can use the speaker's Chromecast function directly from Tidal, HifiberryOS is nice for easy control of the DSP...


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