Beocreate and AMP2 without Raspi?

Hello, is it possible to use the two boards without a Raspberry?

I had read in the Squeezelite documentation that the GPIO pin can be adjusted.
"-G <Rpi GPIO#>:<H/L>
Specify the BCM GPIO# to use for Amp Power Relay and if the output should be Active High or Low. This cannot be used with the -S option."

If I understand that correctly, it would be possible to transmit an audio signal via USB to GPIO adapter and music would sound.

I'm thinking of the following way:
My homeserver with Squeezelite and custom GPIO settings -> USB/GPIO adapter with optocoupler -> GPIO AMP/Beo.
The boards are powered by an external power pack.

The fact is that I have a home server and the two Raspberrys only consume electricity unnecessarily. So I hope that I can switch off both of them soon, since electricity has become very expensive here -> 0.4-0.5 US$ per kWh. (Without the Raspberry, I would have been able to switch off the power supply, which already has a noticeable power consumption when idling).

I know that there is usually no support for something like this, but I would be happy about a hint.


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