DAC+DSP board confusion


Hope you can help me with the DAC+DSP board I received today. I connected it to the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and installed the latest HiFiBerryOS to and SD card. I booted it, went to the DSP Programs menu, it was showing an unknown profile so I installed the v12 DAC+DSP Universal profile to it. I tested it with internet radios, started exploring the Room Compensation menu, but I realizid I can only do a new measurement there and won't be able to upload my exported L & R filters from REW created a week ago. Then I went to the Parametric EQ section, specifically to Speaker Equalizer and entered the PK filters manually for each channel from the files exported from REW. It was working, but I did not like that I could not import the files only set the filters up with the mouse, and I could not enter the same exact numbers which I had in the exported txt files, just the neares numbers to those. It was bugging me so I deleted all filters previously created by me under Speaker Equalizer A & B channel. I was thinking there should be a better way of doing this. 
Then I found this guide on github and followed it. Here are my commands I entered to the terminal:

# dsptoolkit install-profile https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/sample_files/xml/dacdsp-default.xml
DSP profile https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hifiberry/hifiberry-dsp/master/sample_files/xml/dacdsp-default.xml installed
# dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters-left L_filter_20-800hz_91,1db.txt
Filters configured on both channels:
Peaking Eq 57.1Hz -10.3dB
Peaking Eq 68.0Hz -13.5dB
Peaking Eq 93.4Hz -3.9dB
Peaking Eq 124.4Hz -8.7dB
Peaking Eq 163.0Hz -7.5dB
# dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters-right R_filter_20-800hz_91,1db.txt
Filters configured on both channels:
Peaking Eq 35.05Hz -11.0dB
Peaking Eq 46.95Hz -5.0dB
Peaking Eq 56.6Hz -7.5dB
Peaking Eq 67.4Hz -16.4dB
Peaking Eq 76.8Hz -11.0dB
Peaking Eq 95.0Hz -10.0dB
Peaking Eq 120.5Hz -10.6dB
Peaking Eq 161.0Hz -4.3dB
Peaking Eq 366.0Hz -4.5dB
# dsptoolkit store-filters
storing IIR_L
storing IIR_R
writing back updated DSP profile
DSP profile updated on server
Stored filter settings

After it finished and I stored the filters with thee command above I started playing music again, it was working fine, then I started messing with the setting in the WebUI: went to the Channels menu where you can set the L-R balance, but it was not working, it made no difference if I set it to fully L, centered or fully R. Then I changed the Listening mode from Optimal to Clear and my speakers started blasting nasty high pitched noise (aaaaaaah), quickly jumped to the amplifier and turned it off. Cat was not happy either :( I read in the docs section beforehand that this can happen but I thought I done everything right by following the guide on github.

I have no idea what happened, I don't really understand the connection between dsptoolkit and the WebUI: 

1. Isn't the "dacdsp-default.xml" preset compatible with HifiBerryOS WebUI?
2. Should I just revert to the v12 DAC+DSP Universal profile and use the "dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters" and "dsptoolkit store-filters" commands. Will it work with that profile, or the Universal profile is not compatible with EQ in HW? 
The Parametric EQ section in the WebUI: is that software based EQ or that is connected with the DSP and done in HW? Should that reflect the current filters configured with the "dsptoolkit apply-rew-filters" command, or that is just another layer of EQing working with other boards which do not have a DSP chip?

What should I do so I can use my room correction txt files with HifiBerryOS and not lose the functionality in the WebUI (Balance, Listening mode, etc.), also while not destoying the tweeters in my speakers?




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