Control Spotify from Google Assistant - Chromecast Endpoint or other solutions?

Looking to build an Amp that drives two speakers and allows me to control Spotify via Google Assistant / Google Home.

To this end it seems like there are three options:

1) Software on the HifiBerry that can be added as a skill to Google Assistant

2) Software on the HiFiBerry that represents a Chromecast endpoint, so that Google Assistant can cast to it

3) A Chromecast stick that I plug into the HDMI port of the RP4, then cast to this stick and play music from this source. Alternatively I read about connecting the Chromecast via TOSlink...?

Which of these options is feasible? 

Another option: Is the HifiBerry able to automatically switch sources? Say I'm playing web radio via the integrated software, then cast Spotify, then back to web radio. Asking because I want to run a headless setup.

Thanks a lot in advance!



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