[amp100 + DSP addon] DSP v13 dspproj TOSlink input


first: thank you so much for this incredible project, I absolutely love the setup. big fan!

However, I'm struggling with the TOSlink input to the Amp100 when trying to connect my old record player to the Hifiberry.

The setup is:

Cinch --> analog to S/PDIF 24 Bit / 192 kHz with Swissonic Converter AD 24/192 --> TOSlink Input on the Amp100 --> DSP with program version 13 on the DSP --> amp100 audio output.


The audio signal from the converter is received and some sound is played, however there is some noise on the signal as well. So:

1) is this setup even feasible or do I need a different analog to digital converter?

2) any chance I could have a look at the DSP v13 in sigma studio? On github, I only found the dspproj files up until v12, which does not work as well (It just plays a very loud hiss sound).


Thank you so much for any advice!



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