DAC2 HD + DSP High Pitched Noise on Pause

For some time now, I have had an issue with a high-pitched noise / squeal / ringing occurring on pause with the DAC2 HD + DSP, while streaming via DLNA:

  • If paused during playback, the noise occurs
  • When moving between tracks, the noise sometimes occurs
  • If there is nothing playing and no tracks queued in the DLNA playlist, the noise does not occur

I have had this issue since I got the device, which was a number of software updates ago, but kept forgetting to report the issue until now even though it makes relaxing to an album at night pretty difficult!

Here is a recording featuring a track playing, the track being paused, and the resulting noise: https://transfer.upchur.ch/jN9Mhk/HifiBerryNoise.m4a 

My Setup:

  • Pi model: Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.4
  • Sound card: DAC2 HD + DSP Module
  • Mixer: DSPVolume
  • HiFiBerryOS version: 20220228
  • Linux Version: Linux hifiberry 5.15.24-v7I
  • DSP Program: DAP add-on version 13
  • Amp: Sony STRDH190


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