Raspberry Pi 3 Model B & HifiBerry DAC + Pro


I just boght a used Hifiberry DAC + Pro so I can get to upgrade the sound quality on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

The thing is that I can't get any sound from the RAC outputo to my amplifier. 

I already try a few different SO as:

  • Volumio (current and older -2.917- versions)
  • RuneAudio
  • HifiberryOS
  • piCorePlayer

At this point I also tried different connectors and different PSU (5V-3A).

I can't get any led working on the hifiberry board (Hifiberry DAC+ HW2.6)

I've been playing with the /boot/config.txt and reading some posts that should work, but nothing does. At least, HifiberryOS should work without any tric, right?

Is there any way to check if the board is broken? Is there anyone that have one of this boards currently working?



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