DAC+ DSP - Change sample rate of DSP programm to 44.1khz instead of 48khz

Hi Hifi-Berry-Community,

I created an own profile according to the guideline from the git repo.


I planned to adapt the profile coming from this sigma project: 


Loaded existing project into sigma studio and just applied the project sample rate from all blocks to 44.1khz. (strange was that before 96khz were set, thought that default is 48khz, anyhow)

I could also already get it visible in HBOS.


I changed the meta xml statements according to my board also set the sampleRate to 44100. Install process were succesfully but under SSH connection with following command:

# dsptoolkit get-samplerate

the result is still 48khz. SPDIF output to my av receiver didnt find any signal at SPDIF input. What also makes me struggeling is that the checksum didnt changed after writing latest compilation though DSP successfully. Just changing pojects sample rate seems not affect the checksum, hmm.

It seems not to be easy like that to adjust sample rate of dsp programs by just changing project sample rate and applying it to all blocks isnt it? 

Br Andreas


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