RPi4 SSH disconnecting

Hi, I have a RPi4 with a power supply from CanaKit. I have Logitech Media Server running on this RPi connected via WiFi. I have not had any issues with the unit.

Recently, I installed the Digi+ HAT. After installing the HAT, my SSH connection into the RPi exhibits two symptoms. First, I would frequently experience non-responsiveness from the SSH terminal. For example, when I run apt update, the command would start but the terminal output may stop in the middle of the process. Secondly, if the terminal ultimately does not recover, I would get the "client_loop: send disconnect: Connection reset by peer" message and my connection would drop. This never happened prior to installing the HAT.

I originally thought that perhaps the wireless network connection became flaky after the installation of the HAT. The strange thing about this is that LMS experiences no disruptions. I can still connect to the LMS web interface even during the SSH disconnects. Music streamed from online sources are not affected when the SSH connection drops.

Has anyone experienced this or know of a solution? Thanks in advance.


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