RoomEQ, headphoneEQ, headphone surround, preset switching

Hi all!

I would like to do room EQ (2.1 speakers) and headphone EQ (switchable presets).


PCM 2.0 sound from the TV via toslink -> RPi -> toslink or coax. spdif to AVR (no HDMI).


Is it possible to switch the RPi easily between EQ-presets in a foolproof and robust manner with one button? (for users who have absolutely no technical knowledge)


Additionally I'd also like to do some experiments with HRTF impulse responses on the 2.0 audiostream and additionally apply my headphone EQ filters.



If I can get that to work, I'd like to make a headphone surround preset:

toslink feeds not PCM, but AC3 5.1 bitstream:

Decode the AC3 stream into discrete channels & convolve each channel with it's own stereo IR & sum the six channels together (goal is headphone surround mix) and as last step apply the filters for heaphone EQ.


Can this be done?


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