Our approach to whole house audio using HiFi Berry

In and around our home we have multiple zones of music playback, all using HiFi Berry.

  • Front Porch - Pi4 with HiFi Berry Amp2 driving Definitive Technology AW5500 outdoor speakers
  • Dining Room - Pi4 with DAC Pro XLR driving M-Audio BX5 D3 powered monitors on stands.
  • Home Office - Pi4 with DAC Pro XLR driving M-Audio BX5 D3 powered monitors & a Behringer power subwoofer
  • Garage - Pi3 with DAC Pro XLR driving Alesis 520 powered monitors & a Behringer power subwoofer
  • Back Yard - Pi3 with DAC+ into Dayton amp (30w/c) driving  Definitive technology AW6500 outdoor speakers
  • Source - RPi400 running PiCorePlayer (LMS) with FLACs on a 500GB SSD
  • Control - LMS web interface (material skin) and Sqz Ctrl on Android phone


All RPi are Ethernet connected. Those RPi that are not amplifiers are powered using POE splitters.

Our Home Assistant server is integrated with the various LMS / PiCorePlayer instances.

The powered speakers do not have signal-sensing on/off. So, they are plugged into TP-Link smart outlets. Home Assistant has logic to turn them on/off automatically based upon the associated player status.

Future - interested in micro points of playback using Pi Zero + HiFi Berry Mini Amp, POE powered. Trying to emulate the MiniDSP SPK-4P. https://www.mgraves.org/2019/04/immersive-dsp-a-product-that-inspires/


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