Beocreate 4 channel amplifier - LIRC and SSH, Volumio


I use for 2 years this amplifier. It works good, but there is big problem. We can not to use standard TV remote, because we use toslink and there is not possible change volume. This is big pain. We can only use web app on HifiBerry OS. So I bought IR receiver and connected to GPIO. But I can not to install LIRC via SSH. Why? I know, your os is not designed to install other software. But why? So I bought bluetooth remote, but nothing works... So I tried to install volumio, everything works  great, looks greater as hifiberry os, but there is no toslink input support. :-D This amplifier cost very much coins and I need to use it as normal man... With TV remote. Do not tell me, it nos possibe. Give me solution. I spent many days with finding solution... And yes, websocket is good, maybe can I use my Raspberry Pi Zero as "remote server", but... Please, implement better support of TV remotes. I have old TV from panasonic viera. It is pain too. But sound from your amplifier is so good with my old speakers... :-) Please help me. And sorry for my english. 


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