DAC, ADC, DSP and amp

I was trying to look through the HiFiBerry products to search for a setup to replace my current setup. Currently I have a record player and a RaspberryPi 4 with a DAC+, which are connected to an Onkyo tx-7700 receiver (containing a 2-Band EQ), which powers two Polk bookshelf speakers. As the receiver is more than 30 years old, it now has some issues with distortion on the left channel. So I'd like to replace the receiver with some HiFiBerry products, but I just can't find a combination that would work. Either I am missing something or there is something missing^^

Possible setups I came up with:

1. I2Audio Phono One -- DAC+ ADC -- AAmp60

(with this setup I would still be able to use the record player with the phone preamp and the analog input of the DAC+ ADC, but this setup lacks the possibility to use the DSP for equalization and room correction)

2. Amp3 -- DSP Add-on Board

(with this setup I can not use the record player, because there is no analog input)

This leads me to my product ideas:

1. DAC+ ADC with a possibility to add the DSP Add-on Board

2. An amp with an analog input

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