HifiBerryOs on RPi 2 model B

I have two identical RPi 2 model B with DAC+, which were gathering dust for few years. Now when I moved to a new house, I was planning on taking them into use. Main use case for me wouold be Spotify connect, with occational bluetooth audio playback. By looking at the features it looks like HifiBerryOS would be easy way to go.

So I created sdcard from "HiFiBerryOS for Raspberry Pi 2 (untested)". I've tried both of my devices with different size SD cards, but I've just been unable to get either of the devices to boot up. I've even tried older versions of hifiBerryOS. When I hook up monitor with HDMI the only thing I'm seeing is the RaspBerry pi screen with all colours, and that's it. HifiBerry OS just wont' boot up. 

I can boot up Raspbery Pi OS nicely, and when I change config.txt there, I can load dac+ and it is listed with aplay -l. So there is nothing wrong with my HW. I tried to configure raspotify on that setup manually, but it just wouldn't work -> therefore I'm interested in testing HifiBerryOs.

My question is; has anyone successfully used HifiBerryOS on RPi 2 model B & DAC+? And any ideas why mine just won't boot up?


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