HiFi Berry OS on RPi 1 Model B + HiFiBerry DAC

Looking at how difficult is nowadays to get a new RPi at a decent price, I was looking for an option to re-use and upgrade my three older streamers built with RPi 1 B and HiFi Berry DACs (yes, I was an early adopter/customer) , i.e. to install HiFiBerry OS on them. They used to run piCorePlayer, and thus I cannot stream HiRes quality from online services and I cannot play multiroom due to software limitations (no Tidal, no Airplay2).

I have tried to deploy the HiFi Berry OS image for the RPi 0W, but it won't boot at all. Then I have tried the image for RPi 2 - same. Just for info, I have installed moode player and it works; I do have Airplay2  for multiroom parties, but still no Tidal...

Any hints or suggestions how to make the HiFiBerryOS on RPi 1 B with HiFiBerry DAC ?




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