Amp+ not recognized after reboot/shutdown

Hi there

When i reboot i get:

[    8.725339] tas5713 1-001b: ASoC: error at soc_component_write_no_lock on tas5713.1-001b: -121
[    8.725384] tas5713 1-001b: ASoC: error at snd_soc_component_probe on tas5713.1-001b: -121
[    8.725474] snd-rpi-simple soc:sound: ASoC: failed to instantiate card -121
[    8.744210] snd-rpi-simple soc:sound: Failed to register card -121


When i cut off power supply and then boot again, the card works just fine.

Tested on Buster and Bullseye on Rpi4



Thanks in advance for your help. 

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