AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth not working (no sound)

So I have got the latest stable HiFiBerryOS running and have activated Radio, Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 and installed Tidal Connect.

I can play radio stations super fine. I also can use Tidal Connect and music will be streamed to my speakers.

But if I try to use AirPlay 2 it just hangs. My iPhone is successfully connacted with the AirPlay 2 daemon but the playback has stopped. I can try to press play on my iPhone  dozens of times, nothing happens.

There is also an issue with bluetooth: If I connect via bluetooth and select Hifiberry as sound output target on my iPhone it appears to stream music (playback is still running) but I cannot hear any music. 

What am I doing wrong? Are there logs, which I can observe?

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