Issues typing non latin chars in terminal

Hi there,

I am an old user of HiFiBerry cards, but a new HiFiBerryOS user (RPi 4 B + DAC2 HD + DSP). I have also loaded my FLAC collection on a USB stick and attached it to the RPi.

When I log into the box via SSH and try to fix tag names using metaflac, I cannot use german special characters, like ä, ö, ü, ß ... . If the existing tags already use such characters, they are rendered properly, however, there is no way I can type those characters in the terminal. If I type it, the terminal goes crazy. If I copy/paste them from somewhere else, the tag looks weird afterwards, since during the update, the special chars are replaced with ##.

The german keyboard layout is recognized. Furthermore, using the showkey utility will recognize the special characters.

Any idea how can I make BusyBox accept non-latin (german) characters in the terminal?

Thanks for a great software that you share with us all.


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