DAC+ DSP external clock source


first of all, I am sorry if I do not get some technical aspects right. I am studying CS, but do not have any expericence with digital signal processing. Currently I am using the DAC+ DSP as a room correction EQ with a Steinberg UR824.

signal path:

PC -> [USB] -> UR824 -> [toslink] -> DAC+ DSP -> [toslink] -> UR824 -> XLR -> speakers

That setup works great if I set the clock source in the UR824 to the toslink input, so the UR824 uses the clock output by the DAC+ DSP. If I set the clock source on the UR824 to internal or to the other toslink input, I get heaps of jitter and random clicking noises. Doesn't that mean, that the DAC+ DSP uses an internal clock source, so it doesn't use the clock provided by the toslink input ? That does not produce any problems if the digital signal path is acyclic, but prevents me from using another toslink input at my UR824.

Before, I used a Behringer DEQ2496 instead of the DAC+ DSP in the same place in the chain. With it, I do not get the jitter and clicking noises when using the second toslink input as clock source. That makes sense, because the DEQ2496 is forced to and reports to use the toslink input as clock source, as it should.

So my question is, if it is possible to make the DAC+ DSP use the toslink input as clock source for the toslink output, because then I could use the second toslink input on my UR824 as the clock source without getting jitter and clicking noises.


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