Testing Analog Input of DAC+ ADC PRO

I purchased the DAC+ADC PRO to both send and receive live audio.

I set up the Raspi as Described by the Instructions and I see the sounddevice in both aplay -l and arecord -l.
I deactivated all other soundcards.

Using aplay works, the red LED comes of the DAC comes on and the sound plays.

Using arecord

arecord -f S16_LE -c2 -d 10 -r 16000 --device="hw:1,0" test.wav

also turns on the red LED and records a file. But there is no sound in the file. (Checked with both active and passive microphones and an AUX Output from a different Device).

I checked the config in alsamixer, and ADC Gain is 40, ADC Left is VINL1 and ADC Right is VINR1, ADC Mic Bias is on. I also tried various other alsamixer settings. 

Is there anything else I can check?

Thanks already in advance for any help :).


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