How to increase the master volume?


I set up the Beocreate board with HiFiBerryOS, got the filters and everything set up, but since it's the "Other" speaker, the volume doesn't work. So then I switched to Volumio for better playback, and it works fine, but the maximum volume is rather low. I don't see a way to increase it. The TCP client and server aren't in the current BeoCreate, so I pulled the previous beocreate1 branch, compiled it, and all's well, but the promised 0x07 volume register is zero, so that's a no-go. Then I tried to make the current electron version of BeoCreate2 won't build on either Mac or Linux, so that's a no-go. So let me know.. how do I change the master volume? or any better distribution than Volumio? Any direction would be appreciated.


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