Will there be a new edition of DAC2 HD?

Hey guys, I'm a huge fan of HiFiBerry and I purchased the DAC2 HD and DAC2 Pro. After I compared these 2 boards carefully I did find the HD version have a higher sound quality. 

However It's a pity that the HD version doesn't have the 3.5mm audio output jack which equipped on the DAC2 Pro. It's clearly that there's a place for 3.5mm jack on the DAC2 HD board, so I'm waiting for the next generation of DAC2 HD for years and always hopping the HiFiBerry Team can release a new version of DAC2 HD with a 3.5mm jack.

After waiting for ages I'm little bit tired and disappoint now, so I just want to ask that: Does anyone know if there will be a next generation of DAC2 HD with the 3.5mm jack? I really wanna know the answer and any info helps!!

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