Some queries regarding Roon and Amp100

  • Amp100 + DSP
  • Pi4 B+ 2GB
  • Roon Server 1.8
  • HiFiBerryOS 20220726

I have some questions if anyone can please help, forgive me for being new to this.

Using HiFiBerryOS I didn't like that in Roon the volume was in -dB because it is inconsistent with my other endpoints (BlueSound stuff) and Sonos). So I added a DSP to the Amp100 and now I have 0-100 - great!

Questions 1 - Is there a way to get a normal 0-100 volume scale in Roon without the DSP?

Question 2 - If I use the DSP and I don't want room correction etc. just a standard profile - does this come as the default setting on the DSP so I plug in and go or do I have to do some set-up?

Question 3 - Mute does not work for the Amp100 with DSP in Roon - is there any way to make this work?

Thanks in advance




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