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Hello HiFi-Berry Community,

first of all, thanks for that amazing stuff you offer and created. I am impressed of the hardware and software, which does exist for the Pi. Really cool.
I was searching for a simple solution for my problem and found this site and products.
I have an Arctis 9 gaming Headset and an LG TV with optical Audio out. My thoughts were to extend the flexibility of the Arctis 9 Headset, with a Raspberry Pi and the DAC + DSP Board.
I would connect the TV to the Pi via the Toslink input. And send the output to the USB Dongle of the Wireless headset. That use case sounds very simple, but I didn’t find much in the internet. Is this possible with the DAC+DSP and the OS?
I tried some things with the HiFiBerry OS (without any HiFiBerry Board), but it looks to me, that the OS is not really designed to output audio over USB, Am I right?
And of course, I am an absolute noob in High-End Audio/Sound topics, but I would be really appreciating if anyone could advise me.

Thanks a lot!
Cu Lukas

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