Beocreate - TOS Link in - Copper out to Passive Speakers from TV / Problems with Sound


I do have a strange problem with TOSLink out from TV to Beocreate.

On Some TV Stations (example N-TV) sound get's choppy.

Same is with  Disney+ / Netflix / Amazon Prime.

Seems that there's a kind of Sound conversion that get's disturbed for some seconds - afterwards (vol+ / vol - pressed) sound is back again or probably it come back without volume press.
Seems as a buffer is full - and when it is full it stops working. (Just a suggestion)

LG Tv Sync is activated - and works

PCM is activated 

Optical Only

DTV - Automatic ...


Probably someone do have the same combination and can give me a hint on finding a solution on this ...


BTW: Normal sound is just perfect!


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