room compensation

I am quite new with hifiberry os. Till now I do like it because of it's simplicity. I have a raspberry pi 4 with a hifiberry dac2 HD and a dsp add-on board. I even succeeded to install Tidal in the system. the system does get it's fuel by lineair power supply. And overall it does sound pretty good. 

I have a few questions:

- Does the dsp add-on board play hi res 192/24?

- Is the omnitronic mic mm-2usb condenser the same microfoon as the hifiberry microfoon. The room compensation software says it is a hifiberry mic.

-Sometimes I do hear a beep. How come?

-Which speaker types are supported by the room compensation software? 

-How do I know I did choose the right speaker type?

-For example; is the b&w 702s2 the same as a 702s2 signature?

-Even without giving a speakertype I do get a rating in the room compensation software. How is that?

-What does compensation ID means?

-What is the best volume for a compensation reading?

-How do I get radio stations in hifiberry? For example it does find Radio Paradise but not radio Paradise Mellow or radio Paradise World. Is Radio paradise in FLAC in hifiberry?

For now I am experimenting with the room compensation software. It look liked it smoothed the sound and get rid of some ' hard' edges of the sound. My choosing is the flat modus. Will there be more choosing in modus in future time?

Keep going developing. I do enjoy it every day.




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