AMP2 not correctly detected in HifberryOS

Dear Support,

I am using a Rasperry Pi3 card with Hifiberry AMP2 (1.1) under HifiberryOS. It used to work last year, I am using it for an outdoor speaker. I am trying to reactivate it an now sound outputs, when I check config.txt I see hifiberry-dac instead of dacplus, I 've tried to override it with dacplus but it keeps comming back to dac. I have tried detect-hifiberry located in /opt/hifiberry/bin and it says no I2C soundcard detected assuming DAC+ Zero/light/miniamp. I have try a new install starting with a new image, and again dtoverlay is set to hifiberry-dac and detect-hifiberry.

Could you help me please is it a hardware problem ?



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