HifiberryOS external wifi on RP2


Running since years picoreplayer with an Amp+ on a RP2, and since someone created the Tidal Connect Docker, I thought I'd like to try out HifiberryOS. Since the RP2 has no built-in wifi, I use an external USB dongle (think a Ralink) which works fine with picoreplayer.

Even though HifiberryOS is marked as untested on RP2, it seems to work fine. Only problem: The wifi dongle seems to be not detected, it connects only through Ethernet. The dongle's LED does not light up as usually. The diagnostic page in the GUI shows wifi as ETH0.

Is there a solution to get the dongle running? Since it is recognised in picoreplayer, I assume the driver is in the kernel. Would I need to place a wifi init file on the SD card as for picoreplayer and Raspbian, or load the driver somehow through SSH?

Ethernet is no option for this player. I have still a RP3 around, so in the worst case I would swap them, but this would of course mean changing two setups...


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