Airplay is not working

First of all Apple says that Airplay 2 is backward compatible with older devices that only support original Airplay.

I am attempting to send music from an iPad to the HifiBerry.

The Hifiberry shows in the list. I select it.The check mark moves from iPad to HifiBerry. No sound comes from the HifiBerry.

After about 10 seconds the check mark switches back to iPad - obviously the connection was not successful.

The HifiBerry can play internet radio stations but not AirPlay - which was, of course, why I bought the hardware and installed the HifiBerryOS.

I hope that someone can provide some actual solution to this. I have read the other posts that mention AirPlay and, for the most part, they tried to deflect the issue by saying that the HifiBerry was not compatible with Airplay 2. But according to Apple this arguement is a red-herring.

I hope that I have not offended anyone by my expectation that this should work, but as you can probably tell, I am a bit frustrated at this point, having devoted considerable time and money to this project.

I would appreciate help in resolving this


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