HifiBerry Dac2 Pro - pulseaudio volume control changes headphone, not digital


I an average linux user who tried Raspberry Pi OS and Manjaro x64 (XFCE) on my raspberry pi. I followed the configuration guide by HifiBerry and got the Dac2 Pro working, but with both OS's, I can't seem to get what I would consider "normal" desktop volume control when my speakers are hooked up to the boards RCA outputs. I use the volume controls on the keyboard, and 0%-8% volume goes from nothing to max; then from 8%-100% there's hardly any change. In alsamixer, I get the same effect when changing the "headphone" volume (why this has any effect at all, I have no idea), but when changing the "digital" volume, I get a smooth stepping up of the volume like I want.

When headphones are plugged in, things seem to act as they should.

Is there a way to get pulseaudio to use the "Digital" volume control as it's default? Is there something else that I did wrong?

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