DSPToolkit Issues with SigmaStudio - Raspberry Pi 3B+ and HiFiBerry DAC + DSP

Hello all. I have a question regarding communication issues between dsptoolkit server and sigmastudio connection. Using the commands systemctl status sigmatcp, it will confirm that the server is active which is pictured in the image below: 

However, when trying to connect the server using the proper IP address and port with sigmastudio, the error message ensues: Cannot establish TCPIP Connection. No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it *corresponding IP address goes here*:24 (where 24 is the port for the system). The goal is to connect to SigmaStudio so that a profile can be made and uploaded to the HiFiBerry DAC+ DSP without having to use the HifiBerry OS as we need to use a Python audio processing script in conjunction with digital signal processing (if Python can be used in the HifiBerry OS, that would work very well too but none of the documentation I see for the OS demonstrates that I can run a Python script there as well). Thank you!


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